How many strings does a harp have?

We wanted you to have the most simple and direct way to get this information as possible so we created this reference guide to see how many strings are on a harp. First thing is first, how many strings does a harp have? A modern harp usually has about 47 strings. There are different types of harps, … Read more

How Many Pedals Does a Harp Have?

The harp is a beautiful instrument that has found its way not only into classical music but modern music as well. Artists as diverse as The Beatles, Bjork, and Florence & the Machine have integrated harps into their music.  So how many pedals does a harp have? Seven. Think of a musical scale which has seven … Read more

Why are harps so expensive?

A harp is a wonderful musical instrument that produces distinctive beautiful sounds. It is also one of the most expensive stringed musical instruments.  If you are a musical student or you have tried to buy one before, you would have asked the question. Why are harps so expensive? There are many reasons but most notably are the … Read more