Best Harps For Kids in 2021 – (Buying Guide & Reviews)

A great hobby to cultivate in your child is music. In particular, musical instruments. Learning musical instruments takes patience and persistent spirit.  Selecting the best harp for your child is a great determinant of their success in the mastery of this classic instrument.  But fear not as we did the dirty work ourselves. We got … Read more

Lyre Vs. Harp (What’s The Difference?)

Lyre harps are a much smaller instrument and is carried in a person’s hands more like a guitar than a normal harp which sits in the lap or on the ground.  They are much cheaper than normal harps and are mainly played by hobbyists or for much simpler playing. They are also limited in strings  so … Read more

How To Fly On Airplane With Your Harp

Flying with your harp can be stressful but it doesn’t have to be.  Whenever you plan to travel with your harp, you will remain worried the entire time. As you approach the airport, the anxiety increases.  You are unsure whether you will get in with your tool without the many bothers. Again, you are not sure how … Read more

Is the Harp a Percussion Instrument?

is harp percussion?

The harp, an instrument whose creation can be dated back to approximately 3000 BC, is often mistaken as a member of the percussion family of instruments when it is in fact actually a member of the string family.  Unlike percussion instruments, which musicians play by striking or scraping a beater against, the string family consists of … Read more