10 Best Harps For Beginners – (Comprehensive Guide & Reviews)

A harp with evenly balanced strings and pleasant resonant voice can inspire you to greater musical skills.  However, selecting the best harp gets murky especially for first time buyers since harps are among the musical instruments that are not standardized.  There’s an assortment of harp models to suit various playing styles and desires. Top 10 … Read more

Lyre vs. Lute: Everything You Need To Know

Even though the Lute and the Lyre harp are both stringed instruments they are quite different. So let’s learn more about both these instruments. Lute The lute is a string instrument that comes with a neck and round back. It has a void cavity with a body opening. The instrument features strings and these are … Read more

AKLOT Lyre Harp Review

One of the most popular lyre harps is the aklot lyre harp, and this review provides an overview of the product, and the advantages and disadvantages. Let’s get to the point. The AKLOT lyre harp is a great budget lyre harp with great sound and quality for the price. It comes with 7 or 16 … Read more