Lyre vs. Lute: Everything You Need To Know

Even though the Lute and the Lyre harp are both stringed instruments they are quite different. So let’s learn more about both these instruments. Lute The lute is a string instrument that comes with a neck and round back. It has a void cavity with a body opening. The instrument features strings and these are … Read more

Harp vs. Guitar: Everything You Need To Know

Although the harp and guitar are both stringed instruments that’s most of what they have in common with each other. Guitars usually only have 6 strings while the harp has up to 47 strings and they are shaped quite differently. The guitar has great mobility while the harp is stationary.But nevertheless knowing about the differences and … Read more

Harp vs. Harpsichord – (What’s The Difference?)

A harpsichord is a musical instrument played by the use of the keyboard. It generates its sound by pulling a string when its key is hard-pressed. This instrument was common, but it seized its popularity in the 18th century while the harp is a hand-pulled string device with a triangle shape and is still widely played. Usually, the … Read more

How Much Does A Grand Harp Cost?

Looking for a high-quality harp is quite tedious regardless of whether you are an experienced or novice player because this music instruments typically cost a hefty price tag.  The price range of grand harps being extensive as it ranges between $500 to as high as over $50,000, thereby making it even more challenging to make an … Read more

How Much Does a Harp Weigh?

When it comes to getting started with harps, a common question for many people is “how much does a harp weigh?” Well, there is no definite answer to that question since harps can vary extensively in size, weight and many other factors. Though, pedal harps, which are some common types of harps, weigh between 70 to … Read more